Bin. Go.

Protocol breaches that aren’t protocol breaches. Self-monitoring snafus. What’s next? Oh, just this:

Yep. That is hard to believe. Especially when the New York Times is now reporting that the doctor who has tested positive for Ebola felt “sluggish” … TWO DAYS ago.

From the NYT:


Tuesday. You know, before prancing about on the subway and into a bowling alley (the bowling alley that he visited is reportedly now closed).

Self-monitoring? Resolved: It’s B.S.

Well, no worries. Others don’t mind ranting about the absolute absurdity of “self-monitoring.” Failed, yet again, and it’s infuriating.

Ding, ding, ding!


But it’s OK, guys.


But reportedly at least one contact is being monitored in a hospital.

Dear CDC: Will you continue with this “self-monitoring” nonsense? Kindly advise.


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