The St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting some bombshell, narrative-changing new details from the official autopsy of Michael Brown:

Official autopsy shows Michael Brown had close-range wound to his hand, marijuana in system

The official autopsy on Michael Brown shows that he was shot in the hand at close range, according to an analysis of the findings by two experts not involved directly in the case.

The accompanying toxicology report shows he had been using marijuana.

Those documents, prepared by the St. Louis County medical examiner and obtained by the Post-Dispatch, provide the most detailed description to date of the wounds Brown sustained in a confrontation Aug. 9 with Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.

A source with knowledge of Wilson’s statements said the officer had told investigators that Brown had struggled for Wilson’s pistol inside a police SUV and that Wilson had fired the gun twice, hitting Brown once in the hand. Later, Wilson fired additional shots that killed Brown and ignited a national controversy.

But, who leaked the autopsy? The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery writes:

But Lowery’s theory isn’t anything new. Former St. Louis police chief Tim Fitch said this two days ago:

However, these new details aren’t changing many minds of those who want to see Darren Wilson indicted:

More to come, we’re sure.


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