Just how much milage does the media expect to get out of #Fangate, sparked by a minor scrap over the presence of an electric fan beneath Charlie Crist’s podium at last week’s debate with Florida Gov. Rick Scott? A piece in The Atlantic even reveals the romantic details of “Charlie Crist’s Fan: A Love Story.” Is this relationship healthy?

Crist addressed #Fangate during early voting in Florida this morning, and one supporter presented the one-time Republican with his very own battery-powered hand-held fan.

We can’t get enough of this next photo, though. It would make a fine billboard if you ask us.

WFLA caught up with Scott on the campaign trail with Marco Rubio today, and quoted Scott as saying that Crist “can bring a fan, he can bring a microwave, he can bring anything he wants to bring to the debates,” Scott said. And he probably will.


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