President Obama was in Upper Marlboro, Md. earlier tonight at a rally for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown, and, believe it or not, it was his first campaign event of 2014.

Everything got off to good start, with what one would expect from a gathering of the Obama faithful, complete with upbeat tunes and the now obligatory selfies:

The president hit on his usual themes, including Obamacare, the greatness of the economic rebound and reminding those gathered of the importance of turnout on election day:

Cousin “Pookie,” again? How many times is the president going to bring him up? Sheesh.

Immigration protesters were on hand, as well, chiding the president for his lack of action on their signature issue:

Hey, the president said “bring your cousin,” not “su primo.”

But then a funny thing happened. The Obama faithful, who had waited in line “for hours” to get a chance to hear him speak, started leaving in the middle of his speech. Jeff Mason of Reuters reports:

Maybe it was just Mason who noticed? Or, maybe not:

And here comes the boom:

How embarrassing! More gut-splitting reaction from around Twitter:

Oh, well. Not every rally can look like this:

As for coverage of tonight’s embarassment in the MSM, however, don’t hold your breath:

The president’s next stop tonight is a rally to support the re-elections of Gov. Pat Quinn in Illinois. Let’s see if he gets a better crowd than the one he had in Maryland.