Actually, from the beginning it’s been the U.S. Government and not the media that has done everything possible to stem “unwarranted” panic over the presence of Ebola in the United States; check out any of the nonsensical press conferences by CDC Director Thomas Frieden. Of course, some media outlets — Vox, for instance — have been urging readers not to panic since the beginning, posting informative pieces about the slim, almost nonexistent odds that Ebola could ever make it to the United States. Oops.

Plenty agreed with Axelrod that cable TV outlets were using the Ebloa panic just to pad ratings, but Fox News host Greta Van Susteren counters that there’s a very good reason for the media to express the public’s panic over the disease and ring that 3 a.m. phone at the White House.

The problem is, with the government’s incompetent response, the spread of the disease to two nurses in Dallas, and confusion over what to do with accumulating Ebola waste products, who’s to say fear is “unwarranted”?

Hell, the president even canceled a DSCC fundraiser to attend a cabinet meeting on the Ebola crisis and dig up an Ebola czar. That’s got to say something.




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