Ain’t that the truth! Speaking of truth, newly-tapped Ebola Czar Ronald Klain is an election truther. In case you missed it, take a look:

Geez. Louise.

As Twitchy also reported, one of his claims to fame is this:

Wouldn’t be bragging about that one, buddy.

Feel safe yet? But it gets worse.

To what are those citizens referring? Oh, just this bit of scorching hackery:


The uncovering of overwhelming, nuclear-level hackery continues:

Um …

For that alone, you know he’s unqualified for anything that involves thinking at all.

He’s totally on the Ebola ball already, isn’t he?



His priorities?


Double wow.

Klain also recently retweeted this:


More Bidens. Please. Just stop it.


Props! Hackiest hack in all of hackdom? Survey says yes.

And an exit reminder of whom we are to now rely on regarding Ebola:



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