Let’s take a look at the lib Twitter feeds to see if there’s any acknowledgement of their errors when they jumped all over the now debunked Deadspin article by Dave McKenna on Rep. Cory Gardner’s high school football career. Hint: Not really.

First up, David Corn. As of this morning, no sort of apology, but he did make this joke:

Yes, Halloween. That’s it. You’ve figured it out.

How about Eric Boehlert?

So the guy who writes for an organization called Media Matters doesn’t care at all that he was punked by a media organization? It doesn’t matter?

Dylan Scott:

That’s at least better than Corn and Boehlert.

Update: Dylan Scott points out that his article debunked Deadspin’s lies. Good for him:

Here’s Adam Weinstein going on the attack, however, against tweeps who called him out, because it can’t be Adam’s fault:

Stay classy, Adam.

Kenneth Vogel did tweet this out rather quickly, though:

We don’t see any sort of acknowledgment that the Deadspin story was wrong from Laura Chapin, but she did tweet this out after the one we published last night. Keep hoping, Laura!

Nothing at all from Kevin Collier, but here’s a gem. The tweet before his Deadspin one looks to be about yesterday’s New York Post piece that ran the wrong picture of the Ebola nurse’s dog:

If only Kevin held himself to his own standards.

And nothing we can see at all from Brad Woodhouse, who we should note went the extra mile and tried to get Chuck Todd to pounce all over the fake Deadspin story.

Come on, guys. Just say you’re sorry and we can move on. It’s not that hard.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.


‘Backfiring so hilariously’! Deadspin beclowns themselves in Cory Gardner hit piece