Sen. Ted Cruz appeared Thursday night with Sean Hannity to draw some much needed media attention to the #StandWithPastors movement. What is Houston’s problem this time? As Breitbart Texas reports, Houston’s gender and sexual anti-discrimination ordinance, opposed by the pastors of hundreds of Houston churches, subpoenas their “constitutionally protected sermons and other communications.” As Cruz wrote on his website:

Religious liberty is the very first protection in the Bill of Rights, the foundation of all of our liberties. The City of Houston’s subpoenas demanding that pastors provide the government with copies of their sermons is both shocking and shameful. For far too long, the federal government has led an assault against religious liberty, and now, sadly, my hometown of Houston is joining the fight. This is wrong. It’s unbefitting of Texans, and it’s un-American. The government has no business asking pastors to turn over their sermons. These subpoenas are a grotesque abuse of power, and the officials who approved them should be held accountable by the people.

The #StandWithPastors hashtag has been adopted in opposition to Houston’s ordinance.




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