Two Texas-based nurses contracted the Ebola virus from “patient zero” Thomas Eric Duncan, and more Ebola cases may be in the pipeline. As if that weren’t worrying enough, independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson is citing sources saying that CDC may be disseminating incorrect information about how Ebola is spread.

From her website:

The CDC continues to insist Ebola isn’t airborne, leaving the impression that there’s no risk to being near infected patients, as long as they or their body fluids are not touched.

But there is sharp disagreement among experts on this critical issue. A commentary published last month by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota highlights the points of contention.

In the article, national experts on respiratory protection and infectious disease transmission say the CDC may be wrong. They say CDC’s protocol of masks, gloves and gowns isn’t enough to protect health care workers treating Ebola patients: they should be equipped with respirators.


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