First up there’s this shocker. Hillary Clinton’s name has come up, once again, in the ongoing Benghazi scandal:

Here’s the opener from Ms. Attkisson’s latest report:

To Sonya Gilliam, a recent account of improper sorting of Benghazi-related documents  at the State Department brought back vivid memories of her own encounters with high-level government officials who withheld, deleted or destroyed public records.

And one name stood out for its familiarity: Cheryl Mills.

A former deputy assistant secretary of state had told The Daily Signal that Mills was present during an after-hours document operation in a basement room of the State Department in October 2012. Mills was chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

More commentary:

Secondly, there’s this Benghazi update from National Review’s Andrew McCarthy, who is not happy at all with the latest indictment filed against alleged attack ringleader Ahmed Abu Khatallah:

And finally, not to be outdone by the two feel-good stories above, there are now multiple reports of Libyan and Egyptian forces battling in and around the city of Benghazi targeting Islamist terrorists:

The civil war in Libya is now a regional war. Gird your loins, as Joe Biden did say.


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