You may have seen the #GamerGate hashtag flying around the Twitterverse attached to a lot of angry tweets. People who aren’t gamers or involved with the industry somehow are left scratching their heads. What it boils down to is a reaction by gamers to unethical journalism, cronyism, and political agendas in the gaming industry.

Twitchy favorite and actor Adam Baldwin has been a fervent supporter of those pushing back against the abuses in the game industry and media. Stoner comedy fixture Seth Rogen apparently doesn’t see eye to eye with Adam though.

Seth seems like a really classy and articulate dude.

As usual, Adam Baldwin is unflappable. (Seriously, we’ve never seen this guy flapped.)

Adam even reached out to find some common ground with Rogen. It seems to have gone right over his head though.

We’ll spare you Seth’s fetish photos.