Snicker. That last part should be an evergreen tweet. So, what happened? This:

The always absurd Paul Begala pushed the ridiculous claim, made by the NIH director, that there would be an Ebola vaccine already if not for icky old Republicans and their budget “cutting” ways. He was so anxious to politicize the dangerous and frightening disease that he first got the lie-info wrong.

Then he took the waahm-bulance for a ride by retweeting “hate” tweets.


One of the hate tweets?

Sorry, Begala, but his point about a sewer is solid.

Ding, ding, ding! And it happened, natch.

That’s right. Conservatives swiftly pushed back on the false narrative and torched the idiocy with things that #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch.

They also rightly gave Begala the business.

This tweet sums it up:

Yep. The desperation, it reeks.

And an exit question:


Don’t look now NIH director, but here are things that #TookMoneyFromEbolaResearch

Sunday-night bombshell: NIH director claims budget cuts have prevented an Ebola vaccine; Conservatives spotlight budget waste