Ya think? That’s a reasonable assumption to make after the news of a possible new Ebola case in Dallas broke. Even if we are supposed to totally trust the White House, according to this National Journal reporter.

Politico’s Ben White agrees.

Again, reasonable. But not according to Huffington Post’s Sam Stein.

But whatever guys. Do not ask questions!

What? Dude, you have ONE JOB. It’s your job to ask questions. What journalism!


For crying out loud!

Not to lapdogs, apparently.

But at least National Journal’s Ron Fournier doesn’t agree with Stein’s lapdoggery.


Geez Louise.


Yeah, OK buddy. The CDC is so trust-worthy and competent too, and never gives out conflicting info.

Panic? Reasonable questions do not fall under that category.

Ding, ding, ding!

Keep questioning, folks. Apparently we once again can’t rely on some on the lapdog media to do it.


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