You’d think Americans would want a break from the non-stop MSM coverage of Ebola and the threat of an uncontrollable disease, but nope. Fans of “The Walking Dead” are ready for Season 5 to begin, regardless of what’s happening on the national news:

And comedian Patton Oswalt points out that both Ebola and “The Walking Dead” are trending:

We love to read about real infectious diseases AND escape into a dystopian future where an infectious disease has run amok.

Finally, “David Kahane” asks over on Facebook, “If THE WALKING DEAD isn’t the most conservative tv show in the history of television, then what is?”

That’s an interesting thought. We’ll have to watch if the show hits on conservative themes this year.

Tune in at 9:00 p.m., but until then, here are the first four minutes of tonight’s premiere that have already been released online:






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