The Bill Maher-Ben Affleck Islamophobia debate is still making news, now with Mia Farrow’s contribution:

Farrow’s readers respond:

But a few hours later, Farrow tweeted out congratulations to Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who, remember, was shot by Islamic extremists in Pakistan because she was going to school:

And, boom:

Exactly. THIS was Maher’s point. For example, millions of Muslims around the world actually have a favorable opinion of al-Qaeda. That’s not Islamophobia, that’s a fact. Here’s the data from Pew Research:


Malala was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize for standing up to the Islamic cavemen. Or is the Nobel committee a bunch of Islamophobes, too?

And it’s not just Ms. Farrow who isn’t making sense. Vox, like Farrow, doesn’t see the two as a contradiction. Shot:


And this Vox reader points out that Max Fisher, who wrote the Maher-Islamophobia piece for Vox, was pretty happy Malala didn’t win the Nobel last year:

We eagerly await an explanation.