Vox only hires The Smartest Thinkers™. Here’s all the proof you need:

There’s something so satisfying about a JuiceVox-er’s sneering condescension. Satisfying for us, that is.

Well, for one thing, he’s saying he doesn’t know what “geography” is:

That’s just par for the course at Vox.

Oh, snap! Vox will never live that one down. We’ll make sure of it.

Kobani is a Syrian town close to the Turkish border. And …


Aren’t they, though?

Fisher could’ve avoided this embarrassment pretty easily.

Yes, but …

Poor Vox. Someday, they’ll catch up with the rest of us! Maybe. Probably not.

“Seconds” would be more appropriate.

In any event, despite Fisher being wrong yet again, he has taught us a very important lesson:



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