You really can’t make up some of the drivel she writes. Here’s her latest, this time on parenting and how underage sexting is nothing for parents to “panic” over:

Yeah, sure. It’s fine that your underage son or daughter is sending nude pics to his or her significant other. As a matter of fact, it’s a good thing!

But what if we saw sexting as not just an opening for The Talk, but as a truly positive development. Lately, there’s been a big conversation around the issues of sexual communication and consent, with feminists arguing that we need to teach people how to talk about sex and their expectations before they start having it. It’s not just for rape prevention purposes, either. “Confirming consent leads to much hotter sex,” writes Ann Friedman at the Cut, making the case that young adults, particularly women, need to “do more talking about what turns them on and gets them off.” Well, it seems that the sexting generation is ahead of the curve then, using their smartphones as a way to practice talking about sex and desire before they even start touching each other.

But Marcotte later tweeted what looks to be a contradiction of what she just wrote stating that “affirmative consent” isn’t needed as it’s not typically ever discussed:

That’s a lot of non-consensual but consensual sex. Or something. Who knows what she’s actually said here with all those “nots” in that sentence and we could have it backwards:

But back to Marcotte’s original point that sexting can be a teachable moment, many on Twitter disagree. For example, what Marcotte is suggesting is, you know, illegal:

Not to mention just plain stupid:

Well, what to you expect from the woman who labeled a home-cooked meal “tyranny.”


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