The newest Ebola scare in the Dallas area involves a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy named Michael Monnig who was sent into Thomas Duncan’s apartment earlier this month:

Now take a look at this tweet, from five days ago:

From the linked article:

Five Dallas County sheriff’s deputies who were ordered Wednesday to go inside the Dallas apartment where an Ebola patient stayed are now worried about their health.

And the sheriff’s association that represents them is not happy about the department’s lack of preparations and precautions before sending them.

Sgt. Chris Dyer, president of the association, said a lieutenant, sergeant and three deputies went inside the apartment to serve the containment warrant that asked the occupants not to leave. The deputies accompanied the county’s health director, Zachary Thompson, and its medical director, Christopher Perkins, to the apartment, Dyer said.

The deputies were not wearing any protective gear, not even latex gloves, Dyer said.

[Emphasis added.]

What. The. Hell.

Yes, Michael Monnig was apparently one of those deputies.

Sgt. Monnig and the other deputies were not wearing any type of protective gear when they accompanied county health officials into the apartment late Wednesday to issue an order to the people inside, forbidding them from leaving the apartment.

Sgt. Monnig says they were assured by health officials that no one inside the apartment was showing symptoms of Ebola and that the danger was remote.

It may turn out to be something other than Ebola. Let’s hope so.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with the correct spelling of Sgt. Monnig’s last name.

Update: Whatever he has, it isn’t Ebola:


Breaking: New Ebola patient near Dallas? Update: Patient says he had contact with ‘patient zero’; Update: Patient is ‘exhibiting signs and symptoms of Ebola’; Update: Patient is reportedly being transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas; Update: Urgent Care clinic spokesman says patient did NOT come into contact with Thomas Duncan; Update: Photo of patient exiting Urgent Care clinic; Update: Local news outlet says patient is a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy who went inside Duncan’s apartment

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