It seems Georgia Tech climate scientist Judith Curry offended climate change alarmist Greg Laden. How? It all started when Laden noticed that Curry “favorited” a Mark Steyn tweet. Laden wanted an apology — yes, an apology — from somebody for favoriting the tweet of another:

Laden wrote that Curry has become “increasingly aligned with those who are highly skeptical that global warming is real.” Favoriting this Mark Steyn tweet was the last straw:


To sum that up:

Curry noticed that Laden’s science is settled: Favoriting a Mark Steyn tweet will get you labeled as a “denialist”:


Somebody is “dangerous to the future” based on a favorited tweet? Was that claim peer reviewed?

Laden had explained that Twitter should name things differently so as not to force him to “out” people as denialists:

From Laden’s explanation:

I accept Judith Curry’s explanation for why she favorited a harassing tweet, because I have no choice but to believe that she is being straight forward when she says she uses “favoriting” to keep track of tweets regardless of their content or meaning.

I recommend that people who use “favoriting” to keep track of tweets, regardless of content or meaning, consider the possibility that labeling a tweet that may be offensive to some as a “favorite” will be taken as a signal that the favoriter favors the tweet. Because that is kinda what that means.

Does this guy know how to party, or what? It went on, but you get the point.

A Twitter 101 lesson ensued:

What will this whole flap probably be blamed on? You guessed it:

Or is that “global climate disruption” now?

(h/t @soderstrom)


Uh-oh … somebody’s gwumpy!

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