People living in an apartment where a man diagnosed with Ebola had been staying have been quarantined:

The woman, who asked to be identified only by her first name, Louise, is quarantined with one of her children under 13 and two nephews in their 20s because they were in apartment when Duncan became ill, Cooper said.

Louise and her family are in isolation with sheets and towels used by the Ebola-stricken Duncan, Cooper said. Louise did use bleach to clean her apartment, “but it’s not clear to me how systematic the cleaning was,” he said.

Items used by the man remain in the apartment with those under quarantine:

Possibly even more dangerous, there are also reports that people in the apartment were caught disregarding the quarantine:

Mia Farrow is concerned:

And, for now at least, there will be no restrictions on incoming flights from countries where there is an Ebola outbreak.



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