On the same day that her testimony before the House Oversight Committee had people calling for the resignation or firing of Secret Service director Julia Pierson, the Washington Examiner is reporting that the president in September rode in an elevator with an armed CDC security officer not knowing the man had a gun.

According to the Washington Examiner:

A source familiar with the case said Obama was in an elevator with his Secret Service security detail when a CDC security officer operating the elevator started taking photos and a video of the president with his phone and behaving unprofessionally.

Responding to the man’s behavior, one of Obama’s details contacted a member of the protective intelligence team, on-site detectives who handle suspicious-activity cases, to collect the man and interview him.

When he didn’t deny taking the photos, his CDC supervisor, who was on hand for the interview, said the behavior was highly irresponsible and told him to hand over his gun, shocking the Secret Service officers who were questioning the man.

Before the president travels anywhere, Secret Service agents make it their job to know who will have access to the president and anyone with a gun needs special clearance and may not be allowed to carry it when the president is onsite.

The Washington Post in its report adds that the security contractor has three prior convictions for assault and battery.