As if the NFL didn’t have enough controversy so far this season, some people were trying to gin up outrage over an unsportsmanlike conduct call against the Kansas City Chiefs’ safety Husain Abdullah.  After intercepting a Tom Brady pass and taking it in for a score, Abdullah slid on his knees and then prostrated himself in prayer.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has probably already designated the NFL referees as a “hate group.”

And everyone was SO tolerant of Tim Tebow.


But..but…we’ve already loaded our wagon with selective outrage!

What did Husain Abdullah himself have to say about it? He says it was probably the slide that drew the flag, and he doesn’t even sound surprised.

It was probably the slide. That’s still the kind of rinky-dink call that leads some to say N-F-L stands for “No Fun League,” but cool your jets, people. It’s not a hate crime.