What coincidence? You decide. But first a little background.

Yep. As Twitchy readers know, a Ferguson, Mo., police officer was shot in Dellwood, Mo., Saturday night. Ferguson agitators descended on that scene as well; a scene that was being called a “war zone.”

And look at what happened earlier that night.

Yes. Yes he did.

Unbelievable, yet totally believable. As Twitchy reported, President Obama addressed the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Saturday. And this happened:

But no “comment.” Except for that. And, you know, all this:

Why on earth would the president seek to agitate further?

Oh, well. Votes.

These citizens are outraged.


And in an exit nutshell:

Obama’s post-racial America. And his dangerous incompetence on display once again.

Editor’s note: The title was amended to correct a typo.


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