Just when you thought you’d seen Max Fisher scrape the bottom of the intellectual barrel, he goes and outdoes himself:

Hey, Max, those tweets are mind-blowingly stupid. On multiple levels:

But what happens when you try to navigate the actual post? Here’s how it kicks off:

In the three days since United Arab Emirates air force Major Maryam al-Mansouri flew in the American-led mission to bomb ISIS targets in Syria, there have been many rounds of congratulations and chest-thumping in the United States over this triumph of feminism and humiliation of ISIS.

Mansouri’s accomplishment and importance as one of the first-ever female fighter pilots in the Emirates and in the Gulf is real. So is the progress she represents for Emirati women. But the American celebration of Mansouri has been grounded in some embarrassing misconceptions, and has echoed common Western prejudices and stereotypes about Arabs that are condescending at best and racist and misogynist at worst.

There are two sets of American misconceptions here. The first is to play up Mansouri as representative of the UAE as a champion of gender equality, when in fact the UAE is objectively quite bad on women’s rights, and the fact that we allow them such a lowered bar represents a soft bigotry of lowered expectations. The second is to repeatedly contrast the UAE with Saudi Arabia in a way that explicitly frames Saudi gender restrictions as the default for Arab and Muslim societies, when in fact Saudi restrictions are freakishly unique and widely reviled in the Muslim world.

We recommend reading the whole thing, if only to marvel at its evolving stupidity.

The gist of Fisher’s article appears to be this: It’s racist and misogynistic to celebrate the fact that a women is helping to kick ISIS’ ass, because she comes from a Muslim-led country whose lousy women’s rights record shouldn’t be ignored. But, if you point out that Muslim-led countries have lousy women’s rights records, you’re a racist Islamophobe.

Get it? Neither do we:

The only thing missing was a Voxsplanation about how Israel is somehow behind all of this.

It’s getting more and more difficult to tell. Maybe this’ll help a little:



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