A wartime commander-in-chief, no less.

Genuinely outraged by President Obama’s styrofoam cup salute to U.S. Marines? Many are and rightly so. The White House posted a video of it to its Instagram account. Did they “manufacture” these gut reactions to the video?

Citizens are honestly upset and enraged by the contemptuous action. But you must be wrong! According to our Smarter Than You media and Beltway betters, y’all are just wingnutty nuts with wings, rubes.

Deranged. And silly.

How dare you be passionate in an unapproved manner?!

How dare you not submit to The One and his optics-hating?


And then came New Republic’s Brian Beutler who wasn’t content to just ridicule Conservatives; He had to diminish and demean service members as well.

The pitiful “but Bush” spin was swiftly quashed last night. But he had more.


Funny, this “silly” matter seems to be taking up a lot of liberal media’s time.

Gee, we wonder why?

Ding, ding, ding! Deranged? Trite? No, the problem for the liberal media and those who fancy themselves Smarter Than You is that Conservatives can now fight back and go on offense. Hard. They can quash false narratives and pitiful spin attempts (like the absurd attempt at a Bush comparison) immediately. Libs wanted to screech “But Bush” and have people cower and shut up.

Not anymore. Your control? Lost.

Speaking of driving narratives, Dems should be running scared from this now too:

Yes, sir.

A question for the oh-so-wise ones:


And then there’s this:

Amen. Can you see 2016 from your contempt-filled bubble, media? We can.


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