We can’t confirm that the president was indeed drinking his beverage out of a Styrofoam cup, but if so, oh the hypocrisy — it burns!

Here’s an excerpt from a UN initiative titled “The Future We Want” (emphasis ours):

. . .”the future we want” is transparent: glass not plastic bags, no more take-out containers
as we can reuse our own, no styrofoam, less medical waste, less
for convenience and more mindfulness, lights dimmed shadows deepen
the least harmful carbon imprint. . .

“No Styrofoam” means no Styrofoam for everybody.

But if it is a Styrofoam cup, the president wouldn’t be the first to hypocritically use the environmentally destructive but incredibly effective container for hot beverages. The Washington D.C. city council, which recently banned Styrofoam throughout the district, still uses them:

Of course they do.

Additionally, we can’t confirm that the president was drinking coffee. It might have been tea:

Semper Chai, Mr. President. Semper Chai:


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