“Refused?” That’s a word with a very specific meaning. It implies that she offered to participate but was told that she couldn’t. We wonder if that’s what really happened or if she just wasn’t invited.

Either way, she’s talking about the Lois Lerner puff piece Twitchy reported on earlier today: Unbelievable! Lois Lerner tells Politico, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’

Media bias is more often displayed in what they choose not to report than in what they do report.

Weekly Standard writer Stephen Hayes was on the panel and sets the record straight.

Suddenly an an unfounded judgement appears from CNBC’s John Harwood


Yes it’s easy to tell that from the fact that she left out any information about what Lerner refused to answer and then accused Fox News of bashing her piece and refusing the giver her a say, etc. She’s top notch and a straight arrow, clearly.

Meanwhile Stephen Hayes is to blame for her weak reporting somehow.

And … scene.

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