A conservative group hoping to air a documentary critical of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Democrats met a setback in court today.

Citizens United attorney Ted Olson has argued that the nonprofit political organization deserved the same free-speech protections afforded to newspapers and television stations. The Denver Post reported last week:

Citizens United asked the court to void a decision from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office that required the group to disclose its donors and label the film “Rocky Mountain Heist” as an electioneering communication under state law. The group contends it is a legitimate media source.

The case is being closely watched for its potential far-reaching effects on the state’s campaign finance laws and the press as the definition of legitimate media shifts in the digital era.

Olson, who argued the Citizens United case before the U.S. Supreme Court that loosened political spending limits, told the judge the organization is no different than television stations and newspapers, such as The Denver Post, which do not need to disclose income sources.



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