Because there’s absolutely nothing arrogant about believing you can create a static planetary climate by implementing socialism.

Jokes aside, fasting for the climate is actually a thing that actual people say they actually do. That shouldn’t be surprising since the whole global warming alarmist movement has quite obviously morphed into a left-wing religion. It’s got it’s own version of sin and it’s own version of indulgences in the form of so-called “carbon credits.” You could probably argue that there have been fatwahs and excommunications. Eventually we’ll probably witness full blown jihad. Why not fasting?

In May, The Guardian published “#fastfortheclimate: gimmick or powerful climate change campaign?

The recent fast for the climate campaign may give us a starting point. The campaign has drawn its inspiration from Philippines climate changecommissioner Yeb Sano’s 13-day hunger strike at the post-Typhoon Haiyan’s COP19. This individual protest has grown into an active social media campaign for climate change action. Faith groups, environmental NGOs, youth groups and grassroots organisations from across the globe are congregating around the hashtag #fastfortheclimate to call for a collective fast at the start of every month.

Sano was a participant in today’s “People’s Climate March.”

Not a cult.

Tyranny of greed? Moral issue?

Isn’t this supposed to be about science?



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