This week marks the 70-year anniversary of World War II’s Operation Market Garden and the Battle of Arnhem. The operation, led by the United Kingdom’s Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery, was an audacious attempt to use airborne troops to invade Germany through the Netherlands, with the hope that a victory here would bring the war in Europe to an end by Christmas. The operation was ultimately unsuccessful, however, and led to an estimated 18,000 Allied soldiers either killed or captured.

Although the anniversary of this part of World War II has passed by mostly unnoticed here in the U.S., it’s a different story over in England where the battle is being honored with ceremonies, reenactments and veterans returning to the battlefield to pay their respects to their lost comrades:

And here are a select few of the many fantastic photos of both the battle and the veterans who fought it getting shared via the hashtag, #Arnehm70:


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