Sean Davis of The Federalist has been fact-checking some of the more spectacular statements from celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and the result isn’t pretty.

For example, Davis highlighted this slide from one of Tyson’s recent presentations. Tyson’s source for the quote is literally, and unbelievably, listed as only a  “Newspaper Headline.”

Davis goes on to write that no one can find a newspaper that ever ran that headline. Did Tyson just make it up?

And today, Davis finds another suspect Tyson quote, this time where the scientist, according to Davis, “slanders” President George W. Bush and allegedly takes something Bush said in 2003 about the Columbia space shuttle disaster and falsely attributes it to something Bush said directly after 9/11 in 2001.

And Tyson is still using this suspect Bush “quote”:

Maybe Tyson should submit his presentations for peer review before giving them?

Which leads us to some pretty funny invented quotes from Twitter users to mock Tyson’s recent foibles:

And from Sean Davis:

“I’m beginning to think this Neil deGrasse Tyson fellow is a serial fabricator of quotes.” — President Thomas Jefferson, “Stuff Jefferson Said: The Prequel,” Originally self-published at in 1573

Sorry, Sean. But we’re pretty sure that book is available only from Barnes & Noble. Please investigate and get back to us, and if appropriate, issue a correction.



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