Jay Dobyns, a retired ATF agent and whistleblower, has won his lawsuit against the U.S. Government. Judge Francis Allegra ordered the government to pay Dobyns $173,000 while throwing out the government’s claim against Dobyns for writing a tell all book and producing a movie about his experiences with ATF.

KVOA in Tucson reports:

The judge even found that the testimony of two ATF superiors in Arizona, Charles Higman and George Gillett, were “unworthy of belief.”

Gillett was also one of the Phoenix ATF officials behind Operation Fast and Furious, the ill-construed gunwalking operation that erupted into a national scandal after the murder of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Gillett has since retired but remains under investigation after illegally selling a gun in Phoenix that turned up at the killing of a Mexican beauty queen in the Mexican state of Sinaloa when she and a group of narco-traffickers encountered an Army checkpoint.

The judge said there was no evident conspiracy against Dobyns and cited “organizational weakness” as the source of the problems.