Heh. That was in response to this tweet from the always absurd Donna Brazile.

But, wait … what’s this?

Oh yes. She did. Evidently, Ms. Brazile doesn’t even give idiocy a rest on Labor Day.

Not Donna Brazile!

Yep, looky here:


Here is the original tweet:


And that’s saying a lot.

Speaking of craven, Ms. Brazile has apparently deleted that retweet.

Wow. Shocker! Alas, Twitter and Twitchy are forever.

Citizens had to school the totally lacking in self-awareness Brazile once again. It’s a big job, but they were up for the task.

Heh. Minds. Blown!


And an exit reminder: She really just can’t help it.


What say you now, Donna?

‘My God’: American journalist Steven Sotloff beheaded by ISIS?

Wanting a strategy to stop the barbaric beheadings of American journalists still just the “ravings” of “hillbillies”?


She may have deleted that retweet, but she Donna still wants you to know that you’re all hillbillies:

Got that?

Neither is idiocy. But clearly that hasn’t stood in Donna’s way.


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