Forbes contributor Roger Scruton wrote this weekend on an underreported and appalling story out of the British town of Rotherham: over 1,400 cases of abuse, often sexual, of children. A 153-page report by the former chief inspector of social work in Scotland notes a disturbing truth: “One fact stands out above all the horrors detailed in the document, which is that the girl victims were white, and their abusers Pakistani.”

Scruton blames political correctness and the fear of being accused of ‘institutionalised racism’ for the lack of action:

… police forces lean over backwards to avoid the accusation of racism, while social workers will hesitate to intervene in any case in which they could be accused of discriminating against ethnic minorities. Matters are made worse by the rise of militant Islam, which has added to the old crime of racism the new crime of ‘Islamophobia’. No social worker today will risk being accused of this crime. In Rotherham a social worker would be mad, and a police officer barely less so, to set out to investigate cases of suspected sexual abuse, when the perpetrators are Asian Muslims and the victims ethnically English. Best to sweep it under the carpet, find ways of accusing the victims or their parents or the surrounding culture of institutionalised racism, and attending to more urgent matters such as the housing needs of recent immigrants, or the traffic offences committed by those racist middle classes.

Forbes opinion editor Avik Roy notes that one commenter to Forbes’ story advised burkas for girls over 10.

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