Why the silence on the story of an an armed jihadist serial killer who has killed at least four men? That’s the question Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin asks in her latest column at Townhall.com:

I say: Enough with the whitewashing. Meet Ali Muhammad Brown. His homicidal Islamic terror spree took him from coast to coast. The 29-year-old career thug admitted to killing Leroy Henderson in Seattle in April; Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young in Seattle on June 1; and college student Brendan Tevlin, 19, in Essex County, New Jersey, on June 25.

When a detective asked him to clarify whether all four murders were “done for vengeance for the actions of the United States in the Middle East,” Muhammad Brown stated unequivocally: “Yes.” He added that he was “just doing (his) small part.”

Quite a story, so why the media blackout? As Malkin concludes, “Like O.J.’s glove: If the narrative don’t fit, you must acquit.” Ace agrees.