We believe these are race-baiting douchebags, can anyone confirm?


Only if he can gin up some racial tension by doing so, otherwise it would probably be unprofessional.

Because no one would be at all surprised to find a stack of those in Reilly’s laptop bag, right?


^^^ Because this guy knows all the facts of the case before anyone else. He confirmed them on Reddit.

Meanwhile another shill is working the race angle with a little less subtlety.

Couldn’t get the guy’s home address and Social Security Number? Let’s hope for Baker’s sake there aren’t any SEIU thugs on the way to greet him.

He’s not allowed to think differently than people who share his skin color so there must be something wrong with him.

Seems pretty clear.

(hat tip Dana Loesch)

Editor’s Note: We apologize for inadvertently helping to publicize an innocent person’s license plate by placing Ryan Reilly’s tweet directly in this post. The tweet as been deleted and replaced with a screenshot with the plate obscured.

Update: 9:24 PM August 17, tweets added

Another left winger trying to make it about race.



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