Remember Obama is a citizen of the world. Why should violence at home bother him?

From Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz:

Tonight, the President and First Lady attended the birthday celebration for Mrs. Ann Jordan at an event at the Farm Neck Golf Club. There were approximately 150 guests in attendance.

Among the attendees seated with the Jordans and the President and First Lady were former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett and her mother Mrs. Barbara Bowman, Ursula Burns, Kenneth Chenault and his wife Kathy, along with other friends and family of Mrs. Jordan. President Obama honored Mrs. Jordan with a toast before dinner, as did Mr. Jordan and Secretary Clinton and others. The President and First Lady have known the Jordans for over twenty years, and were grateful to have been able to share this special evening with them.

The President and First Lady also were happy to have the chance to spend time with Secretary Clinton and former President Clinton.

A little color: in his toast for Mrs. Jordan, President quipped that he met Vernon and first, but liked Ann more. The menu consisted of surf and turf and pasta. The Obamas danced nearly every song. A good time was had by all.

That sounds absolutely lovely. Meanwhile people in Ferguson, Missouri, dined on another night of tear gas and rubber bullets and militarized police.

But wait. It’s not all about good times with this White House. It’s about briefings and making it look like you’re paying attention to something other than the lobster bisque.

Whew. We were worried he wasn’t doing anything about it.

We like to think it was during.