Almost every left wing freak out about Rush Limbaugh follows the same pattern. A lefty who doesn’t listen to Limbaugh falsely reports that Limbaugh said something objectionable and then a bunch of lefty drones who also don’t listen to Limbaugh go into outrage mode without ever verifying if what they’re outraged about actually, you know, happened.

Today, Rush Limbaugh answered a caller’s question about whether there were any political aspects to the way in which the media is covering the death of comedian Robin Williams. Rush gave an answer about how he thought the media’s (predominantly left wing) political worldview was influencing the coverage of the story.

So naturally the highly nuanced intellectual elites on the left are reporting that Limbaugh said that Williams committed suicide because of his left leaning political views. They even appear to have some conservatives believing the fabricated story.

But the left is never slow to engage in full throated idiocy when they see an opportunity to score some points against a conservative.

Angriest? Clearly not a listener. (Have you ever heard of Ed Schultz?)

As always it’s not a left wing propaganda operation unless Media Matters chimes in.

Remember. “Nuanced.”

In the case of the people who spread this stuff on social media, it’s probably the former. It may not be a lack of capacity so much as an unwillingness to exercise that capacity. With the bloggers who write this nonsense, it is almost definitely the latter.

Same stuff, different day.