Such a shocker.

Ok, let’s take a look at it. Newsbusters posted the transcript here.  This is the comment by Hill to which Pavlich is referring:

I think, though, the challenge is, because if you look at the Iron Dome in isolation, then yes, Ross, I agree with you 100% because the Iron Dome is exclusively a defensive mechanism, but what the Iron Dome does is it also takes away all of Hamas’s military leverage which is very different than say, 10 years ago or 15 years in other wars like Lebanon, et cetera. As a result, it serves a defensive purpose but de facto serves an offensive purpose. It allows Israel to essentially  assault and siege Gaza without any retribution or response on the other side. So again, to some extent, they are not just funding defense, they are funding an offensive war and ultimately an occupation. That for me, is the problem.

So in a nutshell (emphasis on “nut”), Hill is saying that since Iron Dome helps Israel defend itself more efficiently, they have the resources available to root out Hamas terrorists in Gaza without those terrorists being able to retaliate effectively…and that’s a problem for him.

He said pretty much exactly what Katie Pavlich said he did.

Peace demands?

Making “peace demands” upon the nation who is under attack can only make sense in the rat’s maze of a left wing college professor’s mind. If we give you the means to stop rocket attacks, you have to promise not to try and stop terrorists from firing rockets at you, mmmkay?

We’ll give you a helmet as long as you agree to just sit there while people brain you with a crowbar.

The faculty lounge applauds this brilliant solution.

It’s very simple, to Marc Lamont Hill, the sentence,”That for me, is a problem,” means something entirely different than to any other English speaker.

Marc’s flailing becomes much easier to understand once you recognize that he begins by jumping to the ideological conclusion that Israel is morally equivalent to its terrorist enemies and it is therefore wrong for Israel to have a military advantage over them. The rest is just failed attempts at rationalizing that false belief.

So does Israel. Hamas does not.


*chirp chirp*

*no response*


“That for me, is a problem.”




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