Calgary Herald reporter Erika Stark failed to mention that Palestinian supporters protesting a pro-Israel rally chanted “All hail Hitler” to the Jewish crowd. Stark apparently heard it but tweeted only that she “shouldn’t tweet” what they were saying.

If Stark included the “Hitler” chant in her article it didn’t make it past Calgary Herald editors. This is what was in the online version of the article.

“Stop killing our kids. Give us food, give us water, give us shelter,” said one Palestinian supporter who refused to give his name to reporters. “Put religion and politics to the side. Kids are dying. That’s the main thing why we’re here.”

That’s pretty much the same as “all hail Hitler,” don’t you think?

Good thing for citizen journalists.

 Editor’s note: The headline has been changed to more clearly indicate that the “Hail Hitler” chant was directed at supporters of Israel by pro-Palestinian protesters.