Nina Burleigh is a liberal journalist who is best known for offering to service former President Bill Clinton with her mouth. She is currently a columnist at the New York Observer, where she penned this vile attack against an anti-feminist group called Women Against Feminism:

Besides the warm, pumpkin-candle scented aisles of the Hobby Lobby, there’s another new club for self-effacing female enablers of angry white men. Women Against Feminism had, last time I checked, 16,013 followers on Facebook. Its tumblr is constructed of selfies of young women, dressed and posed like ads for DIY escort services, holding up bits of notebook paper on which they’ve scrawled screeds against feminism.

Everything about Women Against Feminism suggests it’s a sock puppet for the aggrieved misogynists and pedophiles of the anti-feminist men’s rights crowd. The main clue is that almost all the women on the site are nubile and posed in ways that fulfill dirty old men’s wildest dreams about pliant young things.

She elaborated in this tweet:

Rolling Stone contributing editor Janet Reitman and LA Review of Books film editor Merve Emre say Bureligh’s rant is a must-read:

Sane people, such as the blogger at Battleswarm Blog, don’t think so:

So where are all those women “dressed and posed like ads for DIY escort services?” Not only do I not see any, I don’t see any pics that any remotely rational viewer could construe as such.

Here are two of the “nubile” “DIY escorts” who dared speak out against feminism. (Think we’re cherry-picking? Click here and take a look at Women Against Feminism’s full Tumblr page.)


tumblr 2

tumblr 3

Those women don’t look like prostitutes to us, but, hey, what do we know? We’re just spiteful right-wingers, aggrieved misogynists, and pedophiles, right Nina?

Whew. That’s a lot of cuckoo-pants packed into just a few short tweets. If Nina keeps this up, she is going to be giving our old friend Amanda Marcotte a run for her money as Twitter’s nuttiest feminist.

As usual, Instapundit sums it all up with panache:

I’m sure these young women need to check their “prettiness privilege” or something. And I think that’s what’s going on with Nina Burleigh. When she, and her generation of feminists, could exercise sexual power directly (see above) it was all “you go, girl!” Now that they’re getting past that age, they’re falling back on the standard refuge of older women: Slut-shaming younger women who try to do the same. Older women have, of course, always tried to limit the sexual power of younger women, for fairly obvious reasons. This is just more of the same.

Good luck with that, Nina. Meanwhile, the vast majority of women, according to a Huffington Post poll, don’t consider themselves feminists — and only six percent consider themselves “strong feminists.” So outside the fem-journalist bubble, these women aren’t the outliers. You are.