Left wing propaganda factory Media Matters for America is sometimes a little too eager to attack Fox News. Couple that with a blogger who doesn’t understand the concept of sets and subsets and it can get comical.

If you’re Barack Obama there certainly is. 60% of those polled disapprove of his performance and most of those disapprove strongly.

CNN’s Brian Stelter piled on, claiming Fox was literally saying 110% of America disapproves of the president’s performance.

He even included a link to a graph that visually shows the 50% is a subset of the 60%.


It sure is Oliver. You should try it sometime. Maybe someone at MSNBC can come give Media Matters a refresher course in venn diagrams and such.

LOLiver Willis, ladies and gentlemen.


We are also disappoint.


There has got to be some way in which this perfectly legitimate graphic is deceptive, and Bob is going to find it.

Good on you, Evan

Who knew there were honest commies?