Nearly five hours after posting this garbage from its official Twitter account:

The AP had a change of heart — sort of:

The original article at that URL had 28 paragraphs. Now? Just five. The title has also been changed (initial title: “With Israel at war, US lawmakers give full support”):

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.07.20 AM

The AP might be holding out hope that we’ll forgive and forget. After all, new title! New wording! New tweet!

What the AP hasn’t put out is anything remotely resembling an explanation or apology.

Might wanna get on that, AP.

Another problem? The original tweet that the AP sent out echoed the original article.


The “wording” may have changed, but the intent has not. The culture of anti-Semitism that permeates MSM outlets like the AP can’t be tweeted or “revised” away. It goes far too deep.



‘Like the title of a Hamas press release’: This is how the AP does ‘objective journalism’