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In addition, the original headline misrepresented what Pelosi said. Here is the relevant portion of the CNN transcript:

PELOSI: Well, we all – war is a deadly thing. And I have many Palestinians who live in my district and I am hearing them regularly about how their families are affected who live in the region. It’s a terrible thing. But let me just say that any missile that comes from someplace has a return address. And if Israel is responding to that address, then that’s a shame that the Palestinians are use – are rumored to be using children and families as shields for their missiles.

Should we all try to, first of all, avoid conflict, the Hamas initiated this. So again, this has to be something where we try to have the two-state solution, that we have to support – we have to support Abbas and his role as a leader there. We have to support Iron Dome to protect the Israelis from the missiles. We have to support the Palestinians and what they need. And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization, maybe they could use their influence to –


CROWLEY: The U.S. (INAUDIBLE) organization though, correct, to you? [Twitchy’s transcript of this portion: “The U.S. thinks they’re a terrorist organization though, correct? Do you?”]

PELOSI: Mmm-hmm.


PELOSI: We’ve had that discussion.

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That’s a rhetorical question, right?


Editors note: The original headline was intended to be a partial quote, partial paraphrase of a tweet from David Horowitz but it was clumsily written and misleading. It has been corrected.