Last summer, former Gov. Jesse Ventura outraged plenty when he announced he was continuing his lawsuit against slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle by asking that Kyle’s widow, Taya, be substituted as the defendant in his defamation suit against Kyle. The case continued with Taya as the defendant and is expected to go to a jury today following closing arguments.

WCCO-TV political reporter Patrick Kessler reports that Taya, in her first public comments, has said it’s “brutal” being away from her children to attend the trial.

Closing arguments went something like this.

Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the most prolific sniper in U.S. military history, was shot and killed at a charity event at a Texas shooting lodge on Feb. 2, 2013. Thousands attended a memorial service at Cowboy Stadium.

Ventura told CNN’s Piers Morgan that he was pressing ahead with the lawsuit to clear his name for a potential 2016 run for president.