As the Washington Examiner reported earlier today, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that subsidies to purchase insurance were illegally granted in 36 states in which the federal government, and not the states themselves, runs the Obamacare heath insurance exchanges.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest earlier today told an assembled press corps that “you don’t need a fancy legal degree to understand [what] Congress intended.” This afternoon, he issued a (very brief) written statement assuring the nation that the Affordable Care Act is working as it was designed to work:

Another partisan attempt to harm the Affordable Care Act failed today.  This latest attempt was undermined by a unanimous judicial panel in the 4th Circuit. The law was designed to make health care affordable through tax credits – and it is working.

Some disagree:

Working as designed, huh?


‘You don’t need a fancy legal degree to’ see that Josh Earnest is full of it!