After the shooting down of a Malaysian passenger jet yesterday, many were stunned that the president briefly concluded that the attack looked “like it may be a tragedy” before heading to New York for closed-door Democratic fundraisers. Is there no end to the president’s failures?

If there is, Rep. Trent Franks is determined to find it. The Arizona representative has promised to tweet #ObamaFailures “every half hour until list complete.” How do we know when the list is complete? That’s hard to say, but it’s up to Failure No. 72 so far.

And just in case one failure every half-hour seems to be an empty claim, here’s a selection of some of the most recent greatest hits.

That’s a classic.

It’s a valiant endeavor and worth a look on your own, but we ask: if Obama commits more than two failures an hour, how will the list ever catch up?

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