Environmental scientist Actor Mark Ruffalo wants you to support Greenpeace in attacking Lego.

Lego has had a partnership with Shell Oil for some time and the Shell brand appears in some of Lego’s play sets. Greenpeace is now attacking Lego as a way to publicize their opposition to drilling for oil in the Arctic. They even produced a macabre “Lego Movie” of their own which has gone viral despite some legal kerfuffles.

Ruffalo’s latest tweet promotes something called the “Protest-o-matic.” It’s a slick web app where you can come up with your own protest sign for your little lego hippie and his friendly (totally not man-eating) polar bear.


We’re guessing that not everybody’s words will be chanted at their protest.

That’s rich. Polluting children’s minds with junk science through movies, television programming, and school curricula is the bread and butter of the environmental movement. Guess they don’t like competition.


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