For better or worse, when Rihanna  tweets, people pay attention. She has 36.4 million Twitter followers, after all. Her #FreePalestine tweet this morning and subsequent deletion of that tweet is getting a lot of attention from supporters and critics alike:

As Twitchy reported, Houston Rocket Dwight Howard tweeted and then deleted the #FreePalestine hashtag on Saturday. He apologized and called it a mistake.

No apology from Rihanna as yet.


A source tells TMZ that the tweet was accidental:

One source connected to the situation tells TMZ, “She deleted it because it was never meant to be tweeted,” adding, “She didn’t even realize it was a tweet until she started hearing from her fans.”

The source says Rihanna was reading about the Middle East conflict online when she clicked a link.  The next thing she knew … her fans were asking her why she was pro-Palestine.

That’s not how Twitter works, but whatever.




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