Somebody on the education beat at NPR stirred up a hornet’s nest.


This isn’t going to end well for someone. NPR doesn’t tolerate straying beyond the boundaries of political correctness. Just ask Juan Williams.

Something other than a “white guy” most likely.

Probably a good guess.

Either way, someone is going to have a bad Monday.


The original story did not contain the following tweets which add further context to this story, so we are including them here:

The reporter apologized, said the tweet went out from the wrong account, and addressed critics of her “diversity” tweet:

Twitchy apologizes to Ms. Kamenetz for omitting her follow-up tweets in the original post.

Editor’s note: The original headline of this post, “‘Disgusting bigots’: NPR reporter called out for ‘diversity’ gaffe,” has been changed to reflect the reporter’s apology.